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We know what you're thinking 'an 8-week fat loss challenge, isn't that just another diet?'

If you are, you're wrong, our 8-week challenge has been designed to help you regain control of your body and nutrition, essentially it's the last 'diet' you'll ever need if you want to call it that.

We use a results-guaranteed approach to help you achieve the goals you have for yourself without having to go through the stress of giving up all the foods you love and completely changing your lifestyle.

With our support and the support from like-minded people who are on the same journey as you you’ll start seeing your body shape change and find yourself feeling more confident and happier.

Best of all you'll do this while learning how to manage your nutrition in a way that suits your needs and lifestyle so you can put an end the constant yo-yo dieting and trying to lose weight.

If you follow all our non-restrictive methods and take on board our advice, we are guaranteeing you results and if you don't (which is not possible by the way) you'll receive a full refund.

During the BAD 8 week challenge you’ll achieve:


A leaner, more toned and stronger body


More energy


More confidence


More control, clarity & freedom with nutrition


A happier you


Be one of 20 people to join on our super early bird rate of £99 by paying a refundable deposit of £20.

Here’s what’s included in the Beyond A Diet 8 Week Challenge:


Daily Support & Accountability

Not only will you have access to us to support and guide you every single day but we've also created tools to help keep you consistent and accountable on a daily basis.


Nutritional Education & Support

We've created a whole bunch of resources, tools and videos for you to take the guesswork out and give you clear guidance to help you achieve your goals and improve your nutrition without having to give up all the foods you love.


Access to our Facebook Group Clubhouse

This is where you'll be able to receive our support, chat with other members and check-in with us regularly to update us and each other with your progress.


Live Q&As

Every week you'll have to opportunity to ask questions live and get support with anything you need help with.


Progress Checks

When you start and throughout the challenge, you’ll have regular progress check-ins with us in our Private Facebook Clubhouse. You'll also be able to track your progress with both nutrition and body progress using our tools and app to keep you on track to achieve your goals.


Customised Nutrition Targets

Using our personalised calculators you'll be able to calculate your individual calorie and portion requirements to achieve the best results and we'll give you the tools, support, and education you need to meet these targets.


Recipes & Example Meal Plans

We want you to not only eat healthily but also enjoy the food you eat so will be providing you a variety of tasty recipes and examples of how you can set up your daily nutrition rather than simply giving you calorie targets to meet.


Training Program

2 weeks into the 8-weeks we start offering you training support as well as nutrition support to not only help you take control of your diet and body but also help you become stronger and fitter too.



Ultimately by taking part in our 8-week challenge you're going to see results and if you don't you can have your money back.


Be one of 20 people to join on our super early bird rate of £99 by paying a refundable deposit of £20.

Is Beyond A Diet right for you?

Yes, if you...
  • Want to have fun & enjoy yourself.
  • Will put in the work required to see results, spend time to plan your nutrition, and invest in educating yourself.
  • Will support others and be apart of a family to help all members thrive.
  • Will communicate with your coaches, ask for help when needed, and check-in regularly with us.
    (working hard silently is fine too, just let us know you’re doing that)
  • Will try your best push for progress and not try to be perfect.
  • Will push yourself to go beyond your comfort zone.
No, if you...
  • Take life too seriously, hate food, and like to eat out of Tupperware boxes.
  • Are lazy, want hand-holding and everything to be done for you.
  • Are selfish, don’t like people, and are not supportive of others.
  • Will blame others for your lack of results and moan constantly in silence without ever asking for help.
  • Seek perfection and instant results.
  • Are happy with your life, nutrition, and the way you look.


Be one of 20 people to join on our super early bird rate of £99 by paying a refundable deposit of £20.

Check out Varsha's results

“Beyond A Diet has been a major part of my transformation journey.

It has not only helped in improving my health and fitness but has also changed my relationship with food.

With the guidance of the coaches, I have completely changed my eating habits without having to resort to a regimental diet that feels more like a punishment. 

With Beyond A Diet I still get to have all the foods that I like but in a more balanced form as I have learned to focus a lot more on what I am eating and how much I am eating.

With the combined use of MyFitnessPal app and the coaches along with the weekly check-ins and the informative live videos in the member clubhouse, I can see just how many calories I have been consuming in a day and use this to make better decisions with my food but still enjoy what I eat and not restrict myself. 

Being part of the BAD (Beyond A Diet) team has helped me gain back confidence in my appearance and my health, and has transformed the way I now plan my days and meals.”

And to add to that she lost 7kgs since on our last challenge and lost a total of 21 cm from her body of which was 7cm from her waist.


Be one of 20 people to join on our super early bird rate of £99 by paying a refundable deposit of £20.

What’s involved in the 8 week New Year challenge?

Before the challenge starts

Saturday, 9th January 2021: Welcome to the group

You’ll be welcomed to the clubhouse and invited to watch our welcome video which explains the first steps you need to take and what to expect over the next 6 weeks.

You’ll be asked to start watching ‘the get started’ video guides we’ve created for you so you know exactly what to do when we start on Monday.

Sunday, 10th January 2021: Housekeeping time

After watching the initial ‘get started guides’ you’ll have a few simple tasks you need to take action on to help you set your personalised nutrition goals for the 6 weeks challenge.

Today is all about completing these tasks.

We’ll also be at hand to help you with this and answer any questions you may have.

When the challenge starts

Every day you’ll be given simple and easy to follow tasks to help keep you on track to achieve your goals.

Along with the daily tasks, you’ll have weekly check-ins with us to let us know how you’ve got on and to update us with your progress, this is also your opportunity to get extra support with anything you need help with. 

During the challenge we’ll be running two lives in the clubhouse each week, one will have a specific topic and the other will be a Q&A so you can ask questions and get extra support from us.

We’ll also be posting regular tips and tricks in the clubhouse to help keep you on track and engaged.

Every week will have a running theme for what we are trying to help you with:

Week 1 is all about creating a new routine.

Live – Building new and lasting habits (part 1)

Q&A – Correctly weighing yourself and dealing with fluctuations and scale not budging.

Week 2 is all about what foods to eat to keep you satisfied, happy and healthy without feeling like you’re on a diet.

Live – Food diary analysis & protein ideas for vegetarians

Q&A – Protein 101

Week 3 is all about getting more active and enhancing results.

This week we introduce you to our home workout program.

Live – The importance of increasing activity & building lasting habits (part 2)

Open Q&A about the home training plan


Week 4 is all about handling cravings & mindless snacking.

Live – Identifying and dealing with your nutrition triggers.

Open Q&A

Week 5 is all about mindfulness, emotional eating & eating out.

Live – Practicing mindfulness with nutrition

Open Q&A

Week 6 is all about sustaining results and how to keep going.

Live – Continuing to see results

Open Q&A

Week 7 is all about maximising results and overcoming plateaus

Live – Speeding Up Progress

Open Q&A

Week 8 is all about staying motivated and what to do next

Live – Staying Motivated and What Next

Open Q&A


Be one of 20 people to join on our super early bird rate of £99 by paying a refundable deposit of £20.

Freqently Asked Questions

How much does the challenge cost?

The 8-week challenge is a one-off payment of:

  • £99 for our super early birds (20 members max)

  • £119 for our early bird (26/12/20-28/12/20)
  • £149 from 29th December 2020
Can I join at any time?

Unfortunately, no, our doors close at 9 pm on Friday 8th January 2021 even if we are not at full capacity and will not open our doors again until the end of March 2020 at the earliest.

Do I need to be fit or exercise to join?

Not at all, exercising is great for your health and fitness and does make it easier to lose fat but it’s not needed to see results or join this program.

We will give you activity guidance and a workout program on this challenge though to speed up your results and to help keep you living for a long time.

What if I have special dietary requirements?

Our advice is fully customizable to your lifestyle and needs, therefore, anyone can take part. If you’re concerned though send us an email and we’ll get back to you about whether this is right for you. 

Why is this different to other diets & plans?

We don’t just give you a set of rules and nutrition protocols and then blame you for failing if you can’t stick to them.

Our aim is to have a 100% success rate and to do that we will give you the right support, show you exactly how to get into shape, and keep yourself there with education on nutrition and arming you with the right tools to truly go Beyond A Diet.

What happens at the end of the 8 week challenge?

We understand for most people our 8-week challenge will be a projectile to get into shape but you’ll likely need further to support to continue going in the right direction.

So if you fit the bill to become and would like our continued support, you’ll be invited to join our monthly membership option and become a fully-fledged BAD club member.

What if I’m not happy and want to stop the challenge?

If for whatever reason you’d like to stop the challenge, we’ll be more than happy to give you your money back without any hassle, we want you to be apart of our club because you want to and not because you have to.


Be one of 20 people to join on our super early bird rate of £99 by paying a refundable deposit of £20.